Paket Super Diamond

Rp 32.438.500

Availability: 1 in stock


Apa yang kamu dapatkan ?

  • 1500 Key random (request)
  • Portal Aktivasi
  • Free Storage 150 day’s
  • Free Konsultasi
  • Customer Service 24 Jam
  • Garansi ganti key apabila terdapat key yang bermasalah

Partnership Terms and Conditions

  • Prices listed on products are subject to change at any time without prior notice and prices may also change following the price of USD in the global market
  • Product delivery is done via email to maintain product safety and make it easier for us to check the products that we have given to each buyer, so that conditions will feel fair in making product claims in the future
  • Product delivery is carried out “after” receiving full payment
  • Delivery is made a maximum of 5-30 days to maintain the security of payments that have been received by the seller
  • All forms of transaction cancellation without notice and agreement are not the responsibility of eleven homestore and we will resell products to other buyers
  • No refunds of any kind after the product has been shipped
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